Mar 17, 2021

The weather forecast said It was a rainy day so I didn’t intend to go out, but It was sunny in fact. Nevertheless, I still didn’t plan to go to school to study until the children came home and started to be so noisy. I decided to grab my stuff and jumped to school :))) It was an escape you know, you ran away from your own home. It’s ironical but It’s true.

The basecamp at HAN was so crowded when I arrived so I needed to go to the library, but I asked for studying in a room so I wouldn’t be distracted by others. The atmosphere was so peaceful and quiet, finally. I studied the books until chapter 20 then changing to Spanish vocabulary. It was fun that the Creating Content book doesn’t divide bullets in each chapter so I have to do it buy myself and there is a chapter I had to use the 30th in Roman numerals, OMG. I’ve just thought It would be never end 😀.

I met 2 friends of mine in the library and I was given a sweet yayyy. It is not as good as other types, like the seller tries to mixup toppings to create a new version, which is not a good combination indeed.

The vocabulary today is not too long so It took me and my brother around 30 minutes to check it.

It’s the end of they day :3

Set some goals for your day so you will have a satisfied feeling when you can finish them all in the end of the day!

Good night and love you all.

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