Mar 18, 2021

It was a gloomy day so I decided to stay home, but later there was some “sunny” moment. Argh the weather here is so unpredictable. I went out to buy food then coming home.

I joined a “studying abroad” webinar of my school although I realized this is mainly for the sophomore than the freshman. Anw, I found out some interesting notices like If I would like to go abroad in September, the application’s deadline is in May and December is for who go in February. One more important thing is that I need to prepare another IELTS certification to apply for universities in UK/Ireland. It’s good to know soon then I can plan for that earlier.

The most memorable thing of today is the 11-of-10-level-excercise from Lilly Sabri, Oh my God, nearly 20 minutes of Cardio was truly challenging. I just kept wondering when would it end😀 I still couldn’t believe I’m still conscious now :v

Then I went to bed soon, no Spanish vocabulary checking because my brother was busy with his lessons, so we will check double weeks on the next day.

That’s all :3

Good night and love you all.

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