Feb 25, 2021

I watched Forrest Gump again, a second time. The story is simple, but in every single plot has its own message, about life. It teaches me the importance of a promise, teaches me the sacrifices of a mom gives to their child, teaches me the firm mindset in doing everything.

I had a good sleep today, I slept until I felt I need to get out of the bed and start a new day :3 I continued with reading How to talk to anybody, I got more advices in order to jump into any conversations with confusion and fear. First, make a call to an expert you know in that field to ask for some questions you should ask, each area has their “should” and “shouldn’t” asked queries. Second, read as wide as you can, try to know a bit about gardening, politics, writing, etc; you can’t know who you’re gonna bump into in the future, so get arm before going out the battle!

I video called with a sister in my team. It turned out she is quite friendly and really would love to get close with people in the team, but she doesn’t have time, cause she has entered to workplace already. Definitely, she’ll join in a drinking night with everyone in the nearest party :3

I baked a trial of my diet cake and It failed :)) I bet It was because of the flour, It’s for a bread flour not used for baking cakes. I grabbed some earl grey tea from my University on Tuesday, I’ll spend someday to buy cake flour to make bubble milk tea cake, yummy :3 I’m gonna do it, just wait for meeeeee.

My friends went to Amsterdam today and they drank milk tea *cry cry*, I want to have one too, why Arnhem don’t have any nice milk tea store? It’s super sad >.< Do you have any favourite milk tea flavours or brands? Order 1 tomorrow when you still can :3 don’t like me, sitting in here and recalling time when having multiple milk tea choices in Vietnam.

Thanks for reading :3

Good night and love you all.

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