Feb 24, 2021

My friend saved me successfully. He called to the store to cancel my order and reorder it with the right payment method, yashhhh. I was so nervous that I woke up at 8am this morning. After checking everything was all right, I read some pages of the book Kafka on the shore I borrowed from a friend then I went to sleep :))) until my first class starts at 10.45am. The book is great but the creepy feeling It brings back isn’t so great, especially reading at night.

Mom bought a pizza for my younger sister to celebrate her birthday :3 my sister is a big fan of pizza you know :3 She loves Pizza Company, it’s a pity that we don’t have this brand here.

I had another meeting with a brother, we spent 30 minutes discussing about work and the rest of the time was for chatting :)) Both of us didn’t expect that but :3 just let it go. He told me about the story his Italian flatmate saw him cook spaghetti by a pan and asked him why did he use a pan, he have never seen anybody do that before :))) My brother felt embarrassed then he gave up making the dish after that day :)) It’s so kewt, we also shared about our high school’s time, Netflix’s movies.

The Notebook-a film that Bunga recommended me is great indeed, the plot is touching and gentle, I almost cried because of the love of a main couple in the film and I wish I could love enthusiastically like them in my life. Hmm maybe, in the future, I can meet a man that make me love him to the moon and back. Love is unpredictable, in Vietnam, my friends usually said Love is a rain, It’s wet, fresh, sometimes drizzle but sometimes like dogs and cats. What’s your most unforgettable love until now? Think about it.

Thanks for supporting me :3

Good night and love you all.

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