Jul 15, 2021

I believe my package is lost :))) It’s so weird that it is more than a month, I still haven’t seen it :))

I will write the diary before I stuck myself with The Bigbang theory :)) It’s so addictive, and it has 12 seasons OMG. My brother said he saw all of them in 2 weeks, HOW?!!

My polish skill is enhanced but I still can’t do pedicure and draw on nails haizzzz, hope I’ll have time to learn that incoming days. I found a deal to buy bus ticket monthly, so It could help me save more than 20euros per month :3 yay. However, I just have 1 day to travel each week, so it’s hard to travel so far :33 I miss my old dayyy.

Definitely I will spend days for relaxing!!!

Good night and love you all.

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