Jul 10, 2021

It’s Saturday so the salon close early, at around 5pm. I tended to buy a pair of sneakers in Foot Locker but it seems the models in the store aren’t my style. I think I’ll wait to another season.

It was really hot and exhausted in the moment I stepped out of the salon :)) how people could enjoy under the sunny, smoke and noise, I doubted that.

Coming home soon so I passed by TK-maxx to find a pair of sandals, it will be more comfortable than wearing sneakers in this such hot weather. The store is truly a heaven, it has everythinggg, I’ll go to the place in another day to buy sport stuffs and baking tools. I was like be lost in the maze :))

Try to go to bed soon but The Bigbang theory is so addictive, haha so I watched it till midnight.

My day-off is coming :3

Love you all.

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