When was the last time you cried like a child?

Why I chose this picture, It doesn’t seem like tears or anything relate to the question? I watched All the bright places today, saw Violet cried like a child when knowing Finch -her boyfriend died, as well as listened to a lyric of the song “Too young to burn” in the film that motivated me to write about this object

Every tear rolling down is a lesson learned.

Too young to burn song – Sonny & The Sunsets

To be honest, I can’t remember exactly when was the last time I cried like a child. Perhaps, It was the day I my paternal grandmother passed away. Someone said that It’s sad that the one who love died without saying goodbye, but It’s even more hurt when seeing people you love died, in front you, second by second. I just hoped the time can pause then I can have more time to greet her like everyday’s morning. Or It was the day the person that I put my trust on, left me, without saying good bye. Or the moment, I received an affirmation about the secret that my family tried to hide me about the bad condition of my dad’s health.

Day by day, when I grow up, I tend to prevent my tears to come down, I try to hold it back, with a belief that make me look stronger before a storm. It probably would lessen the hurt that I have to take. I used to think that action is courage, but It turns out that I was wrong. Keeping the tears inside was very bad, It’s just like an accumulation of hurt. The bad become worse. But when you cry, It gives you a chance to remove the thorn rooting deep down your soul, release the “ain’t hard to tell” emotions and wash your mind.

The lyric is true, “every tear rolling down is a lesson learned”. After crying like a child, I received a lesson that I would never forget in my entire life, despite the fact after that I swear that I won’t cry like this anymore. Human is complex, huh?!! I’m glad that I can still cry, my dear friends. My tears don’t waste, they’re purposeful and powerful, so don’t blame yourself too much when you cry. But don’t take that as an excuse for over-crying. Your tears have their own prices, please appreciate and save it, for the ones you love and moments you cherish.

Cesare Pavese said: “We do not remember dayswe remember moments.” So I value every single moment I dare to cry and I think you should too.

No matter the last time you cried for who or for what, be happy that you still can cry, cause that means you’re alive, not live.

Love yourself.


Which genres of music I love to listen?

Normally, when people see me they might guess I’d love to hear songs that have catchy beats, funny and optimistic vibes; perhaps ballad songs, but still the ones that composed in positive rhythms.

By reza shayestehpour on Unplash

Actually, I passionate about the broken heart song :3

It ironically sounds strange right? A proactive and energetic girl like me loves to listen to the songs that bring back the sorrow feelings about love. Hm, you might question Did my love life experience so many harsh moments? It’s irrelevant :3

Simply, I just love them. I don’t feel upset when “enjoying” a cup of earl grey tea or reading a book (any kind of book). The lyrics definitely hurt the feelings of the audiences a lot, but It somehow brings the tranquilling inside my soul, makes me feel more focused and fulfilled in peace. That’s a reason why I won’t be a DJ in any parties :))) Each person has their secret sides, and music is the place where I can leave all my concerns, anxieties, insecurities in. 

Too happy, too sad aren’t good at all. I read a book that, life doesn’t have to be happy always, there’re still ups and downs moments that pump you the hell and then lift you up till the seventh of heaven. Maybe it’s a deep-down explanation for my taste of music, I need to be balanced. My energy needs time to recharge, and listening to these songs keeps me stay still, like Yin and Yang.

I believe each type of song has their own mission to heal people. Let’s pick your favourite song and enjoy it. Find your peace, like me :3

What’s aiesec meaning to me?

There’s a sister asked me this question on the Q&A of Instagram. Normally, people have some typical words whenever asked about aiesec: professional, international, personal development, etc. Yep, I admitted that You mostly achieved these things when you’re in @. I’ll use @ instead of aiesec in my sharing for short :3 Btw, I say mostly because we still have different @ers and different experiences. I say mostly because 90% @ers that I’ve met are the awesome ones, who marked their name in their @ journey and go further after completing their mission in @.

In @, I smiled a lot and cried a lot. I experienced many up and down moments in @. I had many new friends and I lost some. I had chances to meet extraordinary people in different fields: activists, businessman, inspirationers, etc.

This is the event that I had a chance to be a project leader, my first leadership experience in @. At this time, because of lacking HR, I was chosen to take that responsibility. In spite of experiencing in that positions many times in the past, the nervous feelings still appeared when I knew that news. The project was successful, which brought back a pride to @ers in my Local Chapter. In this cultural fair, we organised 11 booths within 11 countries range from Asia to Europe, each booth were hosted by 2-3 exchange participants and some Vietnamese volunteers. In the afternoon, we collaborated with a club in the university to organise a race around the school area with a number of traditional Vietnamese games. 2 months, 11 people in core team and more than 20 volunteers, we nailed it. Thanks to this event, I gained a priceless lesson for myself, about the modesty and sympathy.

Global Village 2019

This my first family in @, the brother that wears black t-shirt is my “mom” and the another is my brother :))) I was the youngest member in the team at that time, so I was pampered and loved the most :3 People usually call me “be Que” (little Annie). In @, after a term of 6 months, we’ll have a reallocation time when we can choose to apply to the higher position or move to another department (function). At first, I didn’t tend to move to the UR team, I believed I could learn more and showcase my capabilities in the old function, but the leader of that function advised me should go. After a few days, I made my decision, until now I never feel regretful about that. I remembered the period we brainstormed for an event from 9am to 6,7pm, this was Sunday tho :3 and I spent my whole day with my “family”. There’s one memory that I always feel funny when recalling it. In a bonding day, we went to a Vietnamese small restaurant where sells the Northern specialities. Khoa – my “mom” ordered a list of dishes that actually for 10 people 🙂 meanwhile we just had 4 person. He even ordered an fried egg dish with wormwood, one of the most terrified dish I have ever tried in entire my life :))) This picture was taken in the reunion day to say goodbye to me. These two brothers came to the airport to meet me, that’s so touching, although my flight was pretty late and they live far from it a lot. Furthermore, If the coronavirus pandemic wasn’t too bad like this, I would have a chance to reunion with mom “Khoa” in the Netherlands, because his chose to go exchange here. Haizz, that’s so pity TT>TT

University Relations Team

This is one of the most ideal team that I worked, Vi – my leader and Nguyen – sub leader of Content team and I was sub leader of PR team. We organised Youthspeak Forum together, this is an annual event of @. It’s held in national, regional and local chapter scale as well. At first, I thought I could get along with Nguyen and Vi like this because I studied at a different school whilst both of them studied in the same place. After several working spaces, meetings when the time of eating were longer than the time we actually worked :))) We shared the funny stories, gossiped about crush, love life, clubs, our members, have been suffering from the crisis from finding venues, partnerships, running PR campaign, we get closer and harmonized with each other. And, we called our team is The fairy team :3 because we had experienced so many difficulties that we become unbeatable, our mission is bringing peaceful to people, help people and after completing the duty, we come back to the seventh, return to our origin – a fairy :3

Fairies Team :3

Besides, I also have other friends that contributed to making my @ journey become meaningful ever: Linh aka Links and Tang Van – my bro. Linh was in the same function with me, although we worked in different team but we were easy to get along with each other. After leaving @, she usually came back and supported me in the @ events. She is a trustworthy friend that I can confide to when I was upset. Speaking of Tang Van, another big brother, I think It’s my privilege to meet and know these people. Tang Van hmmm, we didn’t work in the same department, even didn’t have a chance to work together. Spontaneously, we knew each other, and Tang Van always ready to give me advices when I need consultant not only in @ but also in my life. He’s gentle, cute, he used to be so energetic and hyper proactive, but he has become unruffled, calm recently. He said that It’s time to change, people will change in their cycle of life. It’s time for him to step into a new pace, when he realized he had overcome lots of up and down of life. The day that he came to say goodbye to me, it rained like dogs and cats but he still tried to come to meet me :3

Last but not least, this is Nhat Linh, a friend that’s always side by side with me, both in @ and my daily life.He’s always there whenever I need help. Whenever we attended in @ event, we definitely have to take a picture together, that’s our goal :3 I remembered the time we walked for an hour to find a repairing shop for his scooter, the tire was deflated. Under the scorching weather, we just kept going between the empty paddy fields, dogs kept barking because of our appearance and I kept talking to encourage him :)) We still kept in touch until now, when feel happier and the stress is eased after texting with him :3 just like a cure. Yesterday, when installing the MacBook, I asked him for help although It was 1am in Vietnam and he has to go at 4am :)))

P/s: I also would love to say thank you to others @ers that present in my journey, make it more meaningful. Thank you and love you: OC Attraction term 18.19, Function ER term 19.20, sis Emily-LC Hanoi, sis Thu-current working at MC Vietnam term 20.21, bro Huy-LC HCMC, Thien An, Thien Ly, Na, couple Cuong-Tien, Tu o, bro Billy, sis Chi Chi, couple Thong-Nghi, Bu-LC Ha Noi, Phi Yen and others @ers that I met in my life. Thank you once again❤️

To cut the long story short, aiesec is not only an international and professional non-government and not-for-profit organisation, but also a family of mine. The place that stored my pieces of splendid youths, a home that I didn’t come back but I was proud of when reminiscing about.

First time taking a selfie with a celeb

This is the first time I had nearly full face selfies with a Vietnamese singer. Her name is Vu Cat Tuong, she has prominent talent in not only singer but also composing and playing instruments.

The origin of these pictures are from Festival Le Hong Phong 2019 in my high school – Le Hong Phong High School for the Gifted. Actually, I was an alumnus at that time, I came back to support as a content writer in the PR team. It was one of the busiest times that I had to cover lots of extracurricular activities. And the selfies were taken on the on-site day of the concert.

At first, I was a bit nervous, I felt like the “fangirl” blood was howling in my mind. After, hmm perhaps 3 minutes, going in and out the room, I decided to “take risk” :))) In a shaking hand and my heart was pumping in a beat that I had never had before, I borrowed my friend’s phone to take 2 selfies.

That’s fun :3

P/s: one of her songs that I’m really into is Vet mua, you can enjoy it with me 🌧️