Jan 9, 2021

I believe today’s blog is gonna be a long one, I experienced a series of emotions both happy and unhappy moments. And I really would like to share with you.

Today is a beautiful day that the sky was blue and the clouds were alike lovely sheeps running on the meadow :3 My meeting ended at 6.30am, I thought that I would sleep until 1 or 2pm, but the sunlights woke me up :3

The weather is pretty great and shiny :3

My curry was not successful yesterday so I decided to fix it. I was wrong about the portion of seasonings. It should have been doubled than the previous dish I made, cause I used double the ingredients. Why didn’t I realize it sooner TT.TT Furthermore, the Khuc Bach sweet gruel was sweeter than I expected *hurt*, It might be because of the different milk’s brand. It was added more sugar than the one I bought in the first time I cooked. My solution was reducing the amount of sugar in the soup, so it was balanced.

It worked tho :3 In the end of the day, sis Chi came home and tried 2 dishes, she said the curry was cooked properly than yesterday and the sweet was yummy :3 Phew, I’m gonna remake the dishes and they will be better😤 And ofc, I’ll tell you guys :3

The curry dish that I remade it, looks better huh :3

Actually, half of my day was not filled with good news at all. My order from Pull&Bear still hadn’t been shipped to my home, although It’s nearly a month. Furthermore, when unpackaging the package from the other clothing brand, It missed 2 items. I was so blueeeeeee. Some of the clothes don’t fit me as I thought then I had to return them, after several days of waiting. *cry 3000x*

Besides, in the Netherlands, if you want to return objects, you need to print out the return label that the brand sends via your email or on their site. However, the print shop near by my home doesn’t provide that service anymore, because of the coronavirus TT=TT. I think I’ll wait until Monday, when I come to the University to take the English exam. After these “storms”, I concluded that I had better come home and stay there until tomorrow :))) Then maybe bad luck would not find me.

And you know what, It could be one of the most wise decision I have made in entire my life.

When I came home, my friend texted me and told me a funny story. In Vietnam, there is a web about future prediction, they give the suggestions for numbers that people should choose to play lotteries. My friend saw me twice in his dream and today’s result lottery had the number that in the suggestion. OMG :))) that’s really hilarious and unbelievable tho :3 I told him to try to buy some next time, in case he sees me again.

Ahhh there are two more things that cheered me up today. Firstly, after confiding in with my only female best friend about the issues. We don’t text to each other usually but when I talk with her, I can be eased and feel so comfortable. She posted a story about a challenge that requires people to answer a question. Her question was saying “thank you” to whom you are appreciate. She tagged my name in the last row with a sentence could be interpreted as “save the best for that last”. That was sweet of her. Awwwwww, love you and miss you so much. When I come back to Vietnam, we’re gonna eat all Saigonese food, together!!!

Next, the second moment was one of my close friend, he is the boy but I call him “mom” ^^ It’s popular for our generations that we usually play role as family members in a group of close friends. He read all my blogs and gave lots of suggestions that could improve my grammar, coherence and fluency of the words. That took him lots of time I believed so and; moreover, he always ready to answers my concerns about English :)))) Love you too “momm”, I’ll try my best in order not to disappoint you❤️

And the happiest moment today could be this oneeee: my first nails that made my meeeee!

Last achievement of my dayyyy

To be honest, It was thanks to the dedicated and patient support from sis Chi, then I could complete it without any scars or injuries on her hands🤣 I’m going to practice more, let’s start from tomorrow, I mean today :))) I think after the lockdown I can comeback to the nails shop and assist some scope of works :3 Hope that we can soonly back to the normal life. My life might be more busy in the future so I’ll have more stories to share with you, my dear friends.

I borrowed an hour from the God of Time today TT.TT please to not accumulate. I don’t want to wait for someone for entire my life, since I believed my debt is uncountable now. I’ll keep my eyes on the next days! I promise.

Good night people and stay healthy. Love youuu!

Jan 8, 2021

I think I’m gonna write my diary now then going to bed soon today because I have a meeting pretty soon tomorrow!

Questions: Do we add carrots into the curry?

As I promised yesterday, I cooked curry and made a sweet dish as well. When searching on the internet, they show many pictures and recipes of carrots in the dish. However, when I called to my family to ask for “consultant” :))) my parents said that It’s weird to add them in, even my sis aka my classmate told me the same thing. 😭😭😭 Nevermind, I still finished it, but I think I’ll add some coconut milk tomorrow cause sis Chi said that it lacked the seasoning of a proper curry. I’m gonna nail it! Btw, if you know I have a plan to cook curry in the future, remind me not putting carrots in 🧡

For the sweet, I made it smoothly and easily since I had made it once before, on Christmas night with my friends. If “Annie” in Vietnam is here, she will be surprised a lot with this Annie. Everything has changed since I went abroad. I have become more neat, known how to cook more dishes and the ones that I have never thought I might do. Thus, for people who intend to go abroad, just prepare yourself that you’re gonna “do” everything literally. If that is not you, who will do right? That’s what I proudly call my mature journey.

I feel something new

I’m pretty sure, hmm it’s hard to explain but I felt something changed, just a new energy running in my body. That’s weirdooo, but, I’m gonna keep my eyes on it :3 Let’s see what version that I will change into.

I found something old

When searching the sources for the post, I accidentally found pictures when I took a selfie with Vu Cat Tuong, a famous singer in Vietnam, so I decided to tell you guys about that moment. One more funny exploration is my first picture that me and my BFF sent in our messenger’s conversation is an answer of our math class 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I can’t keep smiling when recalling about this one.

One of my close friend found someone alike me

It’s kinda creepy when he just goes over and over about a member in his club who has an appearance and voice just the same as me. He is so determined and dedicated in proving that. A vivid example of it could be today, he shared with me a video from the club which has her contribution as an actor. I didn’t find any points that we’re alike. I sent the video to another close friend and he also agreed with that. Maybe, there is a statement in Vietnam that could work in my situation: a knife couldn’t cut its hilt, which means a person isn’t able to evaluate themselves objectively. Anw, I’m gonna send it to more friends to check that!

End of the day

Besides cooking, I workout and continue with studying English. I’ve just finished the trial test a few minutes ago. I’ll attempt to get a good grade this time, hopefully🌈 Today is the day my charitable club in Vietnam goes to the venue to organize their event. Some of my juniors were robbed of their phones this week, I’m so worried for them but hope that they can overcome it and have a nice trip to the venue. Best wishes from your “mom”! We always call each other mom and kids, we’re as knit as a family and have been through many up and down moments. I’ll tell you some in My Memory.

I think I’ll end here and go to bed z.z.z.z, and wake up at 2am for the meeting. Byeee and love you all!

Good night.

Jan 7, 2021

Hello world!

I have been waiting for the whole day to tell you that I submitted the portfolio this morning yayy! A half of another stone is put away. Now, I can focus more on studying and doing the presentation for the Brand Building class.

It will not follow an order for today’s diary cause I’m kinda hyper proactive so I’m gonna tell you what I feel happy the most first.

Big achievement

Besides completing the portfolio before the deadline which is Jan 8, I was so proud of myself that I could figure out the mess from WordPress’s blog setting stuff, of course within the support of my sister. One more thing related to the moment she helped me was that my blog’s logo is the same design as her previous one. It’s kinda sisterhood destiny. On the other hand, I think I will design a new one :)) cause actually, I made it from Canva’s template, so It can’t avoid the overlap. But, in the end, it was fun when you found out more bonds between people that you love.

Sweet time

There are three moments of the day that made me feel extremely wonderful and nostalgic. Firstly, I saw my friend’s post about the common situation that when you praise that fruit or food, on the next day your mom/dad definitely will buy double, even triple these things for you. It recalled a memory with my dad. Several years ago, one day, my dad bought a box of passion fruit for me and I said I love it a lot. Sooo, I believe you can guess the result of the story. I experienced a week of passion fruit and It was such a scary and lovely period that I didn’t use them for a long time. The second memory is when I saw my ex-member practicing for an MC role in order to lead the charity event in Vietnam. Not only her but I’m also proud of all my members in that club. They have grown a lot after undergoing many up and down moments since I went abroad. I cherish the fact that they still continue to fight and development together, in spite of all the difficulties and bullsh*t things that life brought to them. Finally, the third one is I had a jinx with my acquaintance sister, like we all had an intention to text the other about love, but I forgot to text because of my struggle with the blog. At the end of the day, I received her message and it’s really a witty coincidence. Bonus, I ate all of Alpro chocolate ice-cream left in the box, so satisfied ~

A little unexpectedness

There are two things that didn’t follow the plan today. Hmm, although I said that I would cook curry today but I was lazy then didn’t buy the ingredients to make it. I’ll definitely do it tomorrow, cause I run out of protein in the fridge so I’ll go to the supermarket to buy some. Nonetheless, I made a dish with tortilla which I posted in the Dishes that I made (with recipes) yayy, first post, not as I expected but it’s okay! The second unexpected thing is the clothes I ordered didn’t ship to my home according to the email and I have to go to the pickup point, perhaps on Sunday this week. Arghhh, it’s cold outside and I just want to stay at home :3

I think that’s all for today, it’s a new day again :))) I borrowed a few minutes of Jan 8 from the God of Time to finish Jan 7’s diary. People said that there is a rule about “give and take” so I’m gonna end the diary now. I think maybe he or she will punish me by making me wait for somebody in the future :3

Just good night and love ya ~

Jan 6, 2021

11.53pm It is the moment I started to write today’s diary. It’s quite late huh (or not :3 )

I woke up at 9.30pm, 30 minutes earlier than yesterday, a big achievement for me yayy, hope that I can come to the university on time on the examination day next week! I’ll try!

So, today is kinda a super super happy day cause I ate so many yummy dishes. My brunch commenced with a big meal as you can see in the photo. The special here is the homemade pate that sis Chi made by herself, so delish and Vietnameseeee.

Me and sis Chi had a plan to cook chicken curry but her sister came to make another yummy yummy yummy dish which is called Banh da cua in Vietnamese. While they were preparing the food, I went upstairs to study the lessons for my examination. It’s not too hard to obtain because I’ve already learnt it in the previous term, so it just takes time to recall the knowledge back. Besides, because my university is an applied sciences one which requires students to know how to apply the theories to reality, so I have to find some examples for each notion.

Ahh, forgot to tell you guys, we also had more guests today, who are the kids :))) sons of sis and brother of sis Chi. The 2 boys are the same age so they look really funny and cute when they play together. Cute but a bit scary  as well, cause kids are mischievous you know, so yah. But the most lovely thing that I noticed is all the kids I met in sis Chi’s family are affectionate and love their moms a lot. For example, when a son of sis Hang (sis of sis Chi) saw her standing on the floor to feed his cousin (another 3 year old boy), he said that “Mommy, sit”. He didn’t want his mom tired because of standing and he even tried to get the chair for her, with his little body. Furthermore, in another scene, son of sis Chi expressed his love to her by resigning a piece of beef when he saw his mom’s dish have less meat than him.

5.00pm I felt hungry haizzz after finishing a bowl of Banh da cua.

I continued my eating journey with 2 stuffed cream cakes and some spoons of ice-creammm – my love. It was really cold these days and I nearly decided to skip the workout program for today. However, I couldn’t do that, miss Chloe Ting, and her challenging, sweating programs so much. Although I was so sleepy and cold but I finally killed all of them, so proud of myself. After today, I had advice for myself that I should follow the program in a fixed schedule, when my body is getting used to it, cause whenever I started earlier or later, I usually felt tired. I don’t know whether you guys have ever met the same situation as me or not, but I think I’ll obey my body, listen to it dedicatedly.

9.00pm, completing the workout at nearly 8.00pm and having some food. I had a video call with my younger sister of VSNL – Vietnamese Association Students in the Netherlands, cause I had some issues with WordPress so I asked for her support. During an hour, I realised many cool things about the blog and some stupid things that I didn’t know about (they are all simple and present in front of my eyes, but I didn’t see, whyyy).

Yah, and I spent the remaining time of the day building my own website (my blog), so that is the reason why I started today’s diary so late. Nvm, I was satisfied with Jan 6.

Let’s go brush my teeth and skincare, I don’t want to have a toothache again. It was so tough, the worst thing was I couldn’t eat well, that was so heart-broken for a food lover like me. Thus, take care of your health and be happy!

Love you all and good night!

Jan 5, 2021

Hi ya, It’s me Annie. It’s nearly the end of the day, so I think It is such a perfect time to write a diary.

10.00am was the moment I woke up today. My biological time truly changed lol, I tried not to use an alarm for today to check whether I could come back to my daily routine before the Christmas break. Unfortunately, It seemed impossible :3 Nvm, I’m gonna take it back when the school starts in February.

Today, in preparation for the examination next week, I finished reviewing the English lessons. There are 15 units, at first I felt a bit silly that the university requires students to study this subject. However, It turns out that It is really necessary and the English exam is not a piece of cake to get a high score TT.TT

After synthesizing the English, It felt like my knowledge was recalled after the 2 week series “parties”, but I need to emphasize more, you know it, right?!! Examination is 80% different from what you are taught in class. Ah, before the English session, I was done with figuring out how to order clothes online. It was annoying when the app couldn’t connect directly with the bank account. Thus, I had to go to the website, suffered with Dutch because the laptop does not run the translation function, and finally, I nailed it. Thank god.

By the way, have you ever had a feeling that you forgot what you ordered cause you ordered too much :)))) I think I’ve been in that situation recently. I run out of skincare products and there are sales in clothing stores for the winter. Soo, yeah, you can predict the consequences.

1.00pm, I videocalled my family when having my brunch. Fortunately, all people are healthy, my mother has covered after an accident a few weeks ago. My younger sister had a 9 points on her poem about family, but most of the ideas were from my mom haha. She was also given a box of Milo – a cacao powder product in Vietnam. I’ll tell her to take a picture and update later for you guys ❤

Then, I continued to study with another subject, ahh remind me of the presentation before this Sunday, because It is also an assignment for passing the class. Studying a bit and I still could not resist my temptation from the online clothing apps, so I paid them a few visits :)))

5.30pm, I went to youtube and watched some reality shows from Vietnam. There is a show that really impressed me which is “Happy memories” (Ky uc vui ve). They do not have suspension scenes or tricks to dramatize the show. It simply helps people in all generations recall their dusty and lovely memories with the antique goods, celebrities that were famous and had a great impact in the past. Watching the shows makes me miss my family, my hometown a lot, I regret that I couldn’t have known about this program earlier.

6.00pm, I started to workout, my daily passion until more than 7.00pm, I took a shower whilst listening to my favorite lists of heartbreak Vietnamese songs. It is funny that people usually ask me whether I have problems in love so I choose to listen to these songs. Nahhh guys, it’s just my hobby. Although I’m an energetic and optimistic girl, I love hearing this type of music, sounds peculiar huh :3

9.00pm, finishing the meals and watching a show named The voice kids of Vietnam, It is quite awesome that the production have changed their layout, the stages and addition of a number of effects, which makes the visual more attractive. The competencies of the contestants are leveled up to, the kids have to perform a song within a rap. I think the production team is manipulating the waves of effects of the previous prominent show named “Rap Viet ” (Vietnamese Rap) to draw audiences’ attention. Nvw, the show is great to me! So proud of youu <3. After that, I went to my own room and finished the remaining lessons. At the same time, I found out that people on my instagram are playing “what my 2021 looks like”, and I got “get fit” yayyyyyyyy. It’s exactly one of my goals for this year, and the double jinx here is that my best friend had the same one. Double joys!

11.20pm, I don’t think writing a diary kills time very well, but it’s worth it for me to have time to reflect how I spent my day today. I think I’ll go to bed soon today right after completing my skincare routine :3 girly stuff haha.

Good night ❤ love you

The first Monday of the Year 2021

So, this is the first time I start to write a blog, although I have been nuturing this dream for many years.

8:10am this was the time I woke up. It was quite sleepy because my biological clock changed in the 2 weeks of Christmas break, when I put myself in a series of “parties” from Amsterdam to Rotterdam and Helix – a campus of HAN University. In that period, I usually went to bed at 6am and woke up at 11 or 12am. Insane right!!! There were 2 days that I just slept for 2-3 hours because I had classes and work in the morning.

A bit far from the topic :3 I started my first Monday quite soon ( in my perspective) and commencing the day with a goal in mind: creating my own blog, yayyy!

10:30am, I was struggling with getting acquaintanced with using the site of my blog and OMG, I forgot that I was gonna have a meeting at HAN at 11.00am. Not having eaten anything, I hurriedly changed my clothes and walked as fast as possible to the meeting point.

11:05am, I met my teammate – Mat, we work with each other in PR department of HAN4L Project. We discussed many stuffs about preparing for the project. It was so exciting because I was about to have my first extracurricular project with international; students in the Netherlands. After an hour, we changed the topic to our incoming examination at school, Mat shared me some helpful insights into the presentations of a subject. That’s super helpful tho :3 It was great to see you today, thank you Matt ❤

Before coming back home, I passed by the supermarkets to grab some good for my stomach :3 so dizzy oh no, I wouldn’t do that anymore.

Eating, relaxing then workout, this is one of the most favorite parts of my day. Nonetheless, the 11 lines haven’t shown up clearly but this activity makes me feel stronger and healthier, so, why not?!!

At the same time, my sub leader of a non-profit organization told me about the plan of filming a short video for the white Valentine, March 14. It was quite fun cause I love creating scripts and filming. I texted my younger brother at the old club in Vietnam for consultation and he did give me a bunch of useful ideas.

7.00pm remembering that I haven’t had dinner, I prepared a grilled salmon, smashed sweet potatoes with beans, fried carrots and mushrooms, so nutritious and yummy :3 Also didn’t forget to try “a few” scoop of ice-cream I bought in the afternoon, it’s worth it!

11.44pm it’s nearly at the end of the day when I typed this sentence. Actually, before that, I had a look at my portfolio for the subject at school. You have to admit with me that, It is more annoying with editing the format than creating the content. They just kept messy and jumped around the page. Nevermind, I nailed it yayyy! Last few moments of the day, I spent it for you – my blog, writing first words about my first Monday for the first blog.

Such a productive day huh :3 I will keep striving for excellence day by day, so more stories to tell you guys!

11:48pm Good night! Thanks for my enthusiasm in such a cold day.