Jul 19, 2021

After working at the nail salon, I came home with the intention of making cream puff.

Before that, I had a meeting with a core team to get preparation for the next event series of the Vietnamese association student I’m in: the Welcome month. It includes three main activities: pick-up abroad students, bbq party and helpful tips to live in The Netherlands. The series will last for more than three months I guess :))) Fighting!!!

After working out, I just could finish a few steps of making the cream puff, but I still wanted to have some complete works. Hence, I changed to make flan :)) I didn’t cover the aluminium so It got burn a bit on the surface of the flan. Hope it still ok. Let’s see the result tomorrow.

Love you all.

Jul 18, 2021

It’s really sunny today, really really sunny.

I tended to catch the 6 bus to the Asian supermarket to buy ingredients to make cakes but I went on the wrong one :))

Today is a relaxing day after a week of working yay. With the experience of my friend in fashion, she gave me advices on the suitable style of clothings I should choose. It seems hard since the day I haver started workout, my shirt size becomes smaller but my pants size is the opposite :))) Haiz, my best friend said the body form will be fit soon when I spend more time on workout, hope so :3

I aslo have a bit sugar rush :)) when decided to finish my meal with a lava cake and a cheesecake, I want to taste them then I can make my own cakes better version. So regretful :))

I came back to the workout, a bit hard, I think I will be used to it in the next day.

Good night and love you all.

Jul 17, 2021

Final day of a week yayyyy. I think I need to level up my drawing skill later on because my polish skill is enhanced. Hence, I would like to learn more to help sis Hang.

I returned home and had a starving dinner with sushi and Chinese food, so yummyyyyyyy. The area in my home is quarantined because there’s a person that positive with COVID-19, so it affects to the whole zone. I hope my family will be all right.

Look at the kids of sis Chi’s family playing with each other is so satisfied, but I’m still afraid of the scream heh :))

The second day of no exercise hmm, I’ll come back to it tomorrow.

Love you all.

Jul 16, 2021

After finishing work at the nail salon, I hangout with my friends in a Thai and Chinese restaurant. It’s so satisfied when spending time eating, chatting and relaxing.

After finishing the food, we straighted up to the Food Hall of Arnhem, the place that I have heard my friends tell about it a lot. We tried 3 dished of dessert: Creme brulee, a piece of red velvet cake and crepe with honey and cinamon. They weren’t as good as my expectation :)))) too sweet, just the sponge cake of the red velvet is ok. Nonetheless, it’s a chance for me to try and perhaps when I do it in somedays, I won’t make the same mistakes.

Tomorrow is Saturday yayyy and I have one more day till the stylish day.

Good night and love you all.

Jul 15, 2021

I believe my package is lost :))) It’s so weird that it is more than a month, I still haven’t seen it :))

I will write the diary before I stuck myself with The Bigbang theory :)) It’s so addictive, and it has 12 seasons OMG. My brother said he saw all of them in 2 weeks, HOW?!!

My polish skill is enhanced but I still can’t do pedicure and draw on nails haizzzz, hope I’ll have time to learn that incoming days. I found a deal to buy bus ticket monthly, so It could help me save more than 20euros per month :3 yay. However, I just have 1 day to travel each week, so it’s hard to travel so far :33 I miss my old dayyy.

Definitely I will spend days for relaxing!!!

Good night and love you all.

Jul 14, 2021

Today is the National Day of France yayy, and most of my friends travelled here to visit friends and celebrate summer. I’m here, in the Netherland to work :)) and workout.

It’s also the last day of the workout program, I’ll go for the 40 shred summer day next :3 somehow the last 2 days are so killed. But I think no pain no gain right?!!

My nails skills aren’t stable much :)) I’m trying to maintain the quality, but hard. Nonetheless, I won’t give upppppp. Next month, I’ll definitely improve!!!

What’s your plan for this summer :3

Love you all.

Jul 9, 2021

Today’s sis Chi’s birthday yay. Lots of people I know were born in summer :3

The blueberry cake is yummy phew :3 I made it in the early morning of today, because I have no time :)) luckily it’s good although it doesn’t look nice as the tutorial video. I’ll invest on the knife to put the cream on the cake’s surface smoothly.

And I also had a chance to eat a Vietnamese dinner with sis Hang’s family – full fish dishes. As sis Hang said, I rarely cook these food at home :)) especially when I go to work, after getting back from the nails salon, I work out and eat fruits after that, sometimes with meat :))

So tired and I still have work day on Saturday, let’s go to bed :3

Love you all.

Jul 13, 2021

It’s over than 1 month and my package hasn’t arrived yet haizzz. It might be because of the pandemic, all things from Vietnam was postponed.

Good news, I find new person that also loves making cakes and dessert like me yayyyyyyy. More motivation to make sweet things :3

The situation in my home country is not so good with the COVID 19 pandemic, I just pray everything will be all right and people can go back to the normal life soon. Because Vietnam is still on its progress of developing, the long-term lockdown will affect a lot in the growth.

Today, when I was on the bus with my friend, I realised I haven’t gone to work on foot for days, because I’m too tired :)) but I try to maintain the habit of workout!!!

Be healthy and get fit tho, wait for me for 1-2 years :3

Good night and love you all.

Jul 12, 2021

The package that mom sent to me still haven’t come to my home yet *cry cry*. I thought they say it’s a month. Hmm.

My panna cotta got compliments from sis Chi and her sister-in-law yayyy, also my biscotti :3 but the biscotti indeed needs to be more crunchy.

A whole day at the nail salon, I had a chance to hold customer’s hands to draw but the mission failed. However, on the bright side, I think I can know what does it feel like, maybe the second time will be better. I’ll try.

I set a appointment with my friend this week to go out and do the stylish for me, I’ll find out what are types of clothes I fit with!

Also I plan to do another cake this week, let’s see.

Good night and love you all.

Jul 11, 2021

Waking up at over 10am and I felt so so awesome, after a 6-day work, I finally came to Sunday.

Doing some stuffs for the sponsor team, I went to the supermarket to buy food and bonus with 3 boxes of Ben&Jerry’s ice cream :))) I think I’ll finish them after a month, perhaps more.

Then I came home, ate my breakfast or brunch before starting make a loaf of biscotti yayyyyyyyy. I constantly get used to baking steps, I think the day I can make macaroon is not so far :333 wait for meeee.

After receiving the next month salary, I definitely go buy a set of baking knives and muffin cake mold!!! Let’s seeee.

Love you all.