Jul 29, 2021

My second day in Belgium.

6am is the time we all woke up, because me and my brother had meeting early this morning, after coming late at 2am :)))

After that, we went to the central to eat breakfast at Starbuck. It was so windy, it blew up everything :)) the last piece of cheese cake of my brother dropped out on the table because of it. I thought Rotterdam is the King od windy cities but Brussels :)) surprise!

Then we went to comic strip, to know the all the well-known comic like Lucky Luck, the Smurfs are from Belgium wowwww. We also caught a bus to go to palariment of EU. It has too many information for me to absorb :)))

Finally, I had 2 scoops of cone ice cream to finish my goal. We almost missed the train come back to The Netherlands :)) because the system changed the platform number in late minutes, so we had to run as fast as possible to another platform. Thankfully, we made it :)) Really grateful my brother, he is the one who realised the weird on the information board of out platform, so he doublechecked and realised our train is coming on the other one.

Yay, and I came home, at 10pm. I got my stuffs out of the package and jumped on my laptop to prepare for my pitching tomorrow. Wish me luck guys :3

Good night and love you all.

Jul 28, 2021

I have a nice trip day with my friends in Brussels yayy. No words can describe the joy of today.

I started the day soon at around 7am, then I could catch the train to go to Brussels on time.

The vibe of Brussels is more vital and lively than the Netherlands in general. Because of that, they don’t have a clear uniqueness for their own vibe, it’s a combination of various cultures like Dutch, Frech and German.

We went around city center to discover some stores, specialities of Brussels. I think the most impressive dish would be ice cream with limoncello, it’s really delicious :3

I tried an adventurous game with my brother, so fun. I don’t know why but we just kept smiling during 3 minutes on the roller :)))

At night, we enjoyed mussles, pizza and french fried together :3 not soo yummy but still ok.

I’m gonna go to bed cause I have a meeting tomorrow. See ya.

Good night and love you all.

Jul 27, 2021

Let’s countdown for the Belgium journey yayyyy.

Today, I also drew for my first customer’s hands, whose model was a black dot like dotted dog or perhaps cow :))) It’s so kewttt. I believed I’m gradually getting used of holding the brush.

I’m really uncomfortable with the smoke *cry cry*, but mostly when I go to the polish table, there will be someone smoke outside, which makes me dizzy and nauseous a lot :(((( hair, I hope it will be end soon, my respiratory system is harmed. I think I will wear double masks in next days. Ahhh I had nails art for the trip yayyy. Wish things will be fun.

I have to pack my stuffs and get ready for the trip :3 will keep update with you.

Good night and love you all.

Jul 26, 2021

I set the wrong publishing day for my Sunday diary :))) It’s supposed to be posted today, but the schedule is on Jul 27 haizz.

For the first day of my week, I woke up quite soon to go to the PCR covid test, for my Belgium trip yay. The exit door leads me directly to the nail salon, how great :)) but It was still soon so I passed by TK-maxx to find something for my trip :3 and I bought me a dress, which matches with my yellow boosts as well.

Having a brainstorming meeting for the campaign this 6pm, I asked sis Hang for going home early, and magically I also spend exact amount of time for working out a bit :)) I so miss them cry cry. My body is becoming lazyyy.

And I also found out the group ticket for another trip with my classmates :3 I guess I’ll have a chance to try bubble tea in Maastricht :333 the one that I missed on a cold winter day.

Very effective day I had. I will try my best to keep moving forward.

Good night and love you all.

Jul 25, 2021

It’s Sundayyyy, so I can sleep more than usual :3

I spent time brainstorming for the PR campaign and had a brunch at 12pm :)) the package my family sent to me was delivered back to the storage 🙂 I haven’t heard anything from them about picking up it, now I found out it was sent back to the storage to be ready to send to my family 🙂 so crazy.

Then I went to the city central to find some clothes for the trip to Belgium, juts had time for Zara only :))))) the models at the foot locker aren’t my taste, so I still couldn’t use the gift card haizzz.

In the evening, brainstorm meeting for the campaign yayy, my team is so productive and competitive :3 I hope things will ve all right, and we’ll make our goal!!

Good night and love you all.

Jul 24, 2021

Normally, customer on Saturday easilly cancelled the book to hangout or be busy with personal plan. Hence, sis Hang will take more guests than usual, as a back up plan to maintain the average number of customers per day. However, thing didn’t happen as the plan :))) almost the guests came on time, so we had to work non-stop from morning to 5pm :)) super effective day.

Then sis Hang and bro Liem took everyone as well as sis Chi, their friends to a Thai restaurant. The food is so-so, perhaps they adjust the taste to match with local people. It’s a pity that they don’t serve sticky rice with mango, which is a star of street food in Thailand.

We finished everything at around 10:30pm :))) finally came home and went back to The bigbang theory :3

Love you all.

Jul 23, 2021

It’s 11 months since the first day I arrived the Netherlands, yayyy.

I have a meeting to brainstorm ideas for the PR campaign so I left the nail salon soon. Because this time is holiday so people need to beautify themselves, and nails are one of the most important things!!! Our salon is crowded with customers these days :3

The meeting is fine, we met new people who also joined in the project. It’ll take time for us to get along with each other, but I think It’ll be all right. We still need the final plan by July 30. I’ll try my best, not only for the position I applied but also for the campaign. Its purposes include helping new comers from Vietnam to the Netherlands for studying, creating opportunities for networking and branding for my association students.

Just hope it will go well.

Love you all.

Jul 22, 2021

It’s hard to feel my fingers after the end of this day :))))))))))))))))) I polished for more guests than usual, and most of them chose the hard color :)) nice combo.

So tired but things are recharged after I finished the workout, yes guys: do exercise!!! It will keep you healthy and strong everyday, not even mention the long-term advantage.

The yeast I put into Banh bo wasn’t risen enough, so the center of the cakes were dry. Nonetheless, I had the experiences, It’ll be definitely better in the next time :3

Love you all.

Jul 21, 2021

It was a very noisy day at the nail salon :)) Unexpectedly, there are lots of kids go along with their moms to the salon. I think if it’s not impossible, perhaps I won’t bring my kids to the beauty salon, because it not only affects to other people but also the kids themselves. They have to stand still for a long time and keep quiet, which is impossible for them :)))

It’s really funny that the two family came to nail salon got along with each other right away and even went to the fast food store in front of the salon to eat together :)) so lovely.

I came home and did the workout to get my energy back. After that, I tried with doing Banh bo :3 It was a bit panic when I realised I misunderstood about the amount of liquid should be added to the dry mixture. Fortunately, the cakes are still edible, until now :)) hopefully, tomorrow It still remains.

Good night and love you all.

Jul 20, 2021

One of my friend came back from France and bought the Vietnamese bread, It’s sooo good :3 sis Hang also made bread with pate :3 so happy.

The guests kept going in and out the nail salon, which is a positive signal, I hope It contributed helping sis Hang buy a new house soon. I think I’m getting of remembering the pedicure procedure, but I need to practice, haizzz hope that I’ll have some times in the future, before the new academic year starts.

I have a plan to make a Vietnamese sweet cake, which is known as Banh bo. I saw the material hmm, It’s quite different from the instruction on the package, but let’s me try :3 I’ll tell you guys when It succeeds.

Good night and love you all.