Aug 24, 2021

Ha :3 I almost burned my bread for the breakfast :))) I just kept forgetting things I put in the oven. There was once I left the pork in and it become hard as a rock, so I had to throw it away :))

Finally, after a day, I had a meal with boiled pork and Vietnamese sauce. Actually, I intended to eat them with Mam tom, but I was in a meeting, so I used Mam nem instead, It’s a ready for use product, so I didn’t have to do a lot. In spite of the fact that It doesn’t have the taste I usually eat in Vietnam, but at least I have one to eat :)) haizzz poor me.

The gym hasn’t called me yet, and when I passed by the place in the morning, they even don’t open at 9am as they write on Google :)) I think that’s a reason why there was no one call me to set a meeting. I feel like my body is procrastinating when knowing that I’m gonna sign up for a gym. Like it’s waiting for an expert :))) I’m trying to motivate myself to follow the YouTube clips.

Love you all.

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