Aug 18, 2021

I completed the video TikTok for my team’s PR plan :3 finally. The workout of Lilly is so sweaty, I swore. I had a peaceful day excepts mistakes I made while working😭😭😭 It’s so weird. I believed I need to pray for the ancestors to help me get out of this padlock.

A friend from the charitable project texted me to have a meeting with me, I didn’t ask what’s it about. Let’s wait till this Friday.

I plan to go to bed early to wake up to make another TikTok video for my team’s presentation on Sunday :333 guess who’re getting used to TikTok. That’s me :)))) It’s fun tho, but It takes lots of efforts and neurone to make a viral video you know. I just hop our PR. TikTok videos work.

Love you all.

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