Aug 15, 2021

Another Sunday :333 a relaxing day after a week. I called my maternal family to get update. One of my uncle was called to be the guardian to check people in the area. Because of the pandemic, there are some people standing in a specific place to check the ID and permission to go.

I went to the city center to look up clothings but the models aren’t suitable to me haizzz. I also tried with perfume in Douglas, smelling them too much made me feel dizzy :)))

Then I decided to go home because I had a meeting with my old club :3 which is nostalgic and lovely. It’s nice to see the old faces. We talked about the life of abroad students in different countries like The Netherlands, Canada, US. In order to finish my Sunday, I baked a loaf of banana bread, which is surprisingly delicioussssssssss.

C’on you need to do it in the future.

Good night and love you all.

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