Aug 14, 2021

Me and my friend welcomed our younger sister from Vietnam to The Netherlands yay. After a day at work, we went to a random restaurant that booked to have a meal together :3

I tended to pick up her but she informed us the flight might be delayed, so I stayed in Arnhem to wait. It was a beautiful sunny day, and also the third day of my intermittent fasting. It was a bit dizzy when waiting to 12pm to have the first meal of the day, and after that I didn’t have feeling of being hungry.

The restaurant disappointed us with the meal *cry cry* is was so bland, tasteless, The garlic sauce is the hero of all. Ah there was the pistachio ice cream the yummy.

My friend planned to drink after that but I was tired, I saved for the bonding in the end of August :33333

Haizzz, half of a month passes.

How are you doing?

Love you all.

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