Aug 13, 2021

I read 2-3 articles on a website, and I was shocked when knowing that how severely destroyed our earth is being. All the internal icebergs on South Pole and North Pole are gradually melting. There will be the end of all kinds if the background temperature raises 5 Celsius degree. Since it will cause the death of 1 specie, which leads to an end of several species in the food chain. The covid 19 somehow has a good impact on decreasing the amount of carbon dioxide from factory, gas, vehicles, etc. Personally, I think It’s a unavoidable cycle in a development, and thanks to that perhaps the humans kind have more chances to compensate for the future generation.

Hm I think I will set a goal of reading an interesting article per day, It help me enrich my knowledge about the world🧐

Are you curious of what happening around us?

Love you all.

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