Aug 11, 2021

I seriously started my weight loss plan via intermittent fasting 16:8 and another workout program of Lilly Sabri. I will watch my number everyday to keep track, and adjust the amount of food I eat. I hope It’ll work.

The guests of the nail salon are not crowded today, but whenever I tended to call my parents, there would be guests come :)) so weirdo.

I played “Get to know” question lists from the PR campaign, I thought people wouldn’t ask much, but turned out there are some :3 It’s fun, I just didn’t like the question “first impression”, so tricky tho.

Ah and I also tasted the beef rib eye that I bought in the supermarket, sooo tender. Arggg next time, I will buy it only!!!! I decrease the sweet I spend per day you know. Haizzz

Wish me success with my goal guys!

Love you all.

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