Aug 10, 2021

I volunteered to support the ASEAN’s 54th anniversary event in the Embassy of Vietnam in The Netherlands, which in The Hague. Hence, I had to depart soon so I can be present on time :3

It has been a long time ago since I wore high heels, so it was challenging for me today haha. Although I know it’s good investment, but it’s still hurt :3 And finally I got a new pair of sneakers yay, as my birthday present from my friends.

However, the most shocking moment of today would be the time I looked at myself in the picture with the Vietnamese ambassador of the embassy. My face and my body are like pillows :(((( I didn’t know whether it because of the light, or the way my friend took the pictures, but I look like a fat 2 children ladies :(((( It so obsessed. I will be strict to myself.

Haizzz I will adjust my diet and exercise, so I can achieve my goals at around 50-52kg. I’l’ seriously work on it.

Good night and love you all.

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