Aug 9, 2021

I was worried to get up soon tomorrow so I delayed my diary. If you wonder how soon could it be, It’s really soon, like I need to get up at 5am and go straight to the bus stop before 6am OMG.

The guests were not so crowded today, which gave me time to call my parents :3 I went to a bookstore in Arnhem, to find the vaccination passport but they’re sold out. So hot, 2 bookstores I passed by in Rotterdam also had the same situation. I think It because people need it for travelling, I needn’t have it now but I think of the future, when I come back Vietnam or maybe travel to countries outside EU.

Got home soon and prepared a grilled pork for dinner, but I was into the meeting with my teammates :(( You knew the result. Then I replaced it with a sausage I bought from the German supermarket, yummy yummy.

One more lesson learned :333

Love you all.

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