Aug 8, 2021

Although I finished the night game at around 6am, I was awaked by my friend’s alarm at 9.30am :))) so I got up. We prepared and started our discover day.

My tounge is a bit tasteless after the night, so firstly I didn’t have a sense of hungry. Then me and my brother saw a delicious ice cream store in Rotterdam, so I went directly in there and got 3 scoops of them :)))) It has reasonable price and biggggggg.

The bubble tea store we chose doesn’t taste yummy, it’s a bit disappointed. The cake store we passed by is the same, customer service isn’t good and just 1 of 4 cakes that we bought taste nice.

Luckily, we can have a spot in a Chinese restaurant near by Rotterdam Central station, the dishes are quite delicious, we were sooo full and satisfied.

Finally I arrived home at 9.30pm hurayyy. Recharge my battery for next week.

Good night and love you all.

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