Aug 5, 2021

Our last guest today came at around 7.45pm, actually it was not really busy. Like customers are divided equally via time shift, so yeah.

Sis Hang cooked rice porridge full of crab-roe, OMG, soooo stunning; we also had fried rice. But I voted for the porridge :3 so yummy.

I slept to 8.10am and tended to sleep for a few minutes because I thought It was quite soon. And the next time I checked my phone was 9am :)))) Surprised.

We had a long bonding video call with my people in the PR project, so fast and furious, we set a hangout meeting on this Saturday :)) as well as next week Saturday to pick up my sister in Amsterdam, yayyy.

Tomorrow is finally Friday :3 I will go to German to buy stuffs with sis Chi and sis Hang :3

Good night and love you all.

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