Jul 29, 2021

My second day in Belgium.

6am is the time we all woke up, because me and my brother had meeting early this morning, after coming late at 2am :)))

After that, we went to the central to eat breakfast at Starbuck. It was so windy, it blew up everything :)) the last piece of cheese cake of my brother dropped out on the table because of it. I thought Rotterdam is the King od windy cities but Brussels :)) surprise!

Then we went to comic strip, to know the all the well-known comic like Lucky Luck, the Smurfs are from Belgium wowwww. We also caught a bus to go to palariment of EU. It has too many information for me to absorb :)))

Finally, I had 2 scoops of cone ice cream to finish my goal. We almost missed the train come back to The Netherlands :)) because the system changed the platform number in late minutes, so we had to run as fast as possible to another platform. Thankfully, we made it :)) Really grateful my brother, he is the one who realised the weird on the information board of out platform, so he doublechecked and realised our train is coming on the other one.

Yay, and I came home, at 10pm. I got my stuffs out of the package and jumped on my laptop to prepare for my pitching tomorrow. Wish me luck guys :3

Good night and love you all.

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