Jul 28, 2021

I have a nice trip day with my friends in Brussels yayy. No words can describe the joy of today.

I started the day soon at around 7am, then I could catch the train to go to Brussels on time.

The vibe of Brussels is more vital and lively than the Netherlands in general. Because of that, they don’t have a clear uniqueness for their own vibe, it’s a combination of various cultures like Dutch, Frech and German.

We went around city center to discover some stores, specialities of Brussels. I think the most impressive dish would be ice cream with limoncello, it’s really delicious :3

I tried an adventurous game with my brother, so fun. I don’t know why but we just kept smiling during 3 minutes on the roller :)))

At night, we enjoyed mussles, pizza and french fried together :3 not soo yummy but still ok.

I’m gonna go to bed cause I have a meeting tomorrow. See ya.

Good night and love you all.

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