Jul 26, 2021

I set the wrong publishing day for my Sunday diary :))) It’s supposed to be posted today, but the schedule is on Jul 27 haizz.

For the first day of my week, I woke up quite soon to go to the PCR covid test, for my Belgium trip yay. The exit door leads me directly to the nail salon, how great :)) but It was still soon so I passed by TK-maxx to find something for my trip :3 and I bought me a dress, which matches with my yellow boosts as well.

Having a brainstorming meeting for the campaign this 6pm, I asked sis Hang for going home early, and magically I also spend exact amount of time for working out a bit :)) I so miss them cry cry. My body is becoming lazyyy.

And I also found out the group ticket for another trip with my classmates :3 I guess I’ll have a chance to try bubble tea in Maastricht :333 the one that I missed on a cold winter day.

Very effective day I had. I will try my best to keep moving forward.

Good night and love you all.

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