Jul 24, 2021

Normally, customer on Saturday easilly cancelled the book to hangout or be busy with personal plan. Hence, sis Hang will take more guests than usual, as a back up plan to maintain the average number of customers per day. However, thing didn’t happen as the plan :))) almost the guests came on time, so we had to work non-stop from morning to 5pm :)) super effective day.

Then sis Hang and bro Liem took everyone as well as sis Chi, their friends to a Thai restaurant. The food is so-so, perhaps they adjust the taste to match with local people. It’s a pity that they don’t serve sticky rice with mango, which is a star of street food in Thailand.

We finished everything at around 10:30pm :))) finally came home and went back to The bigbang theory :3

Love you all.

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