Jul 18, 2021

It’s really sunny today, really really sunny.

I tended to catch the 6 bus to the Asian supermarket to buy ingredients to make cakes but I went on the wrong one :))

Today is a relaxing day after a week of working yay. With the experience of my friend in fashion, she gave me advices on the suitable style of clothings I should choose. It seems hard since the day I haver started workout, my shirt size becomes smaller but my pants size is the opposite :))) Haiz, my best friend said the body form will be fit soon when I spend more time on workout, hope so :3

I aslo have a bit sugar rush :)) when decided to finish my meal with a lava cake and a cheesecake, I want to taste them then I can make my own cakes better version. So regretful :))

I came back to the workout, a bit hard, I think I will be used to it in the next day.

Good night and love you all.

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