Jul 2, 2021

I guess for the next days, perhaps till the end of August, most of my diary will be about work at the nail salon :))

Because we have full HR today so there would be 4 customers come per each 30 mins :)) all people focused on working, whenever I moved my head up to the waiting areas, I always saw customers sitting there :))

I added my salary to the bank account yayyy. Mom told to her friends about I have a paid part-time job here, and she told to her friends. One of her friends is a relative of my fellow work at the nail salon :)) so fast, I’ve just told her at night of Vietnamese time yesterday, and my friend asked me about that this morning :)) It’s just slower than the Crazy rich Asians a bit. I’ll check that with mom tomorrow, if I have time :3

I will go for a meditation before going bed soon. Plan for Sunday is brainstorming ideas for partnership stuffs of the school project and making my own birthday cake yay.

Good night and love you all.

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