Jun 29, 2021

It has been a long time that I went to bed at 3pm :)) So tired, although I really wanted to stay longer with my friends, there is an exam waiting for me, so I need to be healthy and fresh.

Waking up at around 9am. later than a bit as usual. I went back to home and revised for the exam in the afternoon.

The question of the exam is a bit out of my expectation :)) so I was freeze for 5s when seeing it. Nonetheless, I had to complete it and try my best. Because I need to appreciate the chance that HAN teacher gave me. I jus have known from a friend in my party that not all students could get the late enrolment. So yeah :3

After more than 1 hour, it’s done :3 my mind relieved a lot, now I just wait for the result and pray it will be good.

Love you all.

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