Jun 27, 2021

I slept for long hours, after a week. Waking up at 10am, my body filled up with full energy.

I called mom and shared with her the point I realised yesterday, about how much admire I have regarding woman that both work domestic and office. I love mom more and more after this. I promise to myself that I have to earn lots of money in the future to hire people to do the housework and cooking, so I have time for myself.

I was successful with baking the Japanese cheesecake with the cooker lol :)) I can’t believe it. However, I think I will spend time trying with temperature so I can ensure the best cake is made.

Just got the 1st vaccine and I workout, It refreshed a lot. After a day of making 2 cakes :)) and I ate an apple. yogurt and some strawberries. People said I should supplement vitamin C so I can ensure my body strong enough with the vaccine. Let’s see tomorrow :3

Wish me luck with the Japanese cheesecake for the party as well.

Good night and love you all.

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