Jun 25, 2021

I really want to learn new skills in nail beauty but I don’t have free time these days :)) summer is coming and stores are opened, so the demand of beauty increases. People come a lot these days, which is a great chance for the salon to earn more income and I csn practice my polishing skill. However, I also would love to learn and upgrade my skills, then I can help sis Hang more. She’s just like a second mom of mine here, I admire her a lot.

The arm and fat burn exercise today really “killed” meee. But I can feel the burn in my body.

Urgent urgent, I don’t known why but I failed to make the Japanese cheesecake this time *cry 100x* I’ll remake it on Sunday, so sadddddd. The egg white this time was whipped better, I hoped the cake would be allright. I made more fluently and calmly but so weirdoooo.

I pray that the Sunday cake will be fine!!!

Good night and love you all.

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