Jun 22, 2021

I brought the cake to the nail salon, 2nd time and It’s still yummy :333 I really love the moment when people enjoy my dessert. I will train my skills so hopefully I can make lots of kinds of dessert for my parents.

Because of the result of the exam, I couldn’t sleep well last night. That’s result in the unwell feeling and dizzy when I woke up this morning. Oh I will never do that again, no matter how what: health is the most important thing! Sis Hang gave me a chance to try with adding chrome powder on polished nails, yo hooo. Next time will be more beautiful, I treat customer’s nails as my nails, so I want their money is worth.

I decided to meditate a bit to purify my mind, by listening to monk Minh Niem YouTube channel. I think somehow It works, my head is a bit heavy. I will go to bed soon tonight, in order to go to school next morning to check the writing exam mistakes.

Good night and love you all.

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