Jan 19, 2021

Went to work tofay yayyy, after a week of exams, I think I found out way to use the hand machine skillfully. It’s very simple haha I just need to hold the tool like the way I hold a pen in writing :)) I had a wrong way to hold the tool, luckily I realised it soon :3

We worked directly from 11am to the evening, we had lots of guests that came to the salon yayyyy, so as a learner, we had more chances to practice.

Then we went to eat at Koi sushi :3 thanks to sis Hang. I will bake a cake for her soonly😍 the sashimi, beef and shrimps are so excellent. These are what you should try when go to this restaurants :3 not the noodles or dessert :))

My stomache was sooo full, even cannot breath :)) I’ll try my best and enhance my skills in order not to let sis Hang down! Ah and I’m gonna try with a new cake tomorrow, it will related to flan or chocolate :3 let’s see.

Good night and love you all.

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