Jun 17, 2021

I did well for the oral test, about the morning test I hope I could pass it :)) Because at least I follow the sample answers, I just hope I didn’t make too many grammar, spelling mistakes.

It was really a hot day, the temperature was up to 31 Celsius degree. I’m thinking of buying a hat in case I go outside, so I won’t get sick. I didn’t get into the Aiesec, but hmm I think everything happens for a reason, so I will keep it as an experience. Actually, I did fell something wrong in the assessment round, so yeah. I had no concerns about that.

The weather forecast said tomorrow will have thunder and rain a lot, totally opposite with the previous days. I just pray that I can go to school safely to take the exam!

Last day of exam week and let’s rock it!!!

Good night and love you all.

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