Jun 15, 2021

I think I get used to the wakeup early time recently, after days I needed to get up to take exam at HAN. I went to the mobile phone shop to print the handout for the business exam, and I printed with 1 page setting :)) I don’t understand, I clicked the “printer” icon on the word and It started to print. And I be like, oke I’m fine :)) I couldn’t redo it because it will waste more papers, so I just accepted it.

Mom baked sponge with pineapple jam :3 dad said it’s a bit dry, I think it was because of the unbalanced ratio between cake flour and egg white, perhaps the milk as well. I really want to bake another cake but I’m too lazy, so I will save it this weekend, after all exams!

My friend was “knockout” with the oral Spanish exam this afternoon, cry cry. I asked her experiences, I will prepare more so hopefully I can pass it! Because I learn the dialogue and understand the flow as well, not just learn by heart. Hope it works. I will update you guys the result this Thursday diary :3

Good night and love you all.

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