Jun 9, 2021

I finished the second written exam yay, nearly half-way is passed :3 The exam start at 9.00am so I woke up early to ensure I’m present at the room on time. Therefore, I went to bed very soon last night, but I actually slept in the midnight :))) because the neighbourhood were gather together, chatted and laughed so loud and a lot,

After finishing the exam, I called mom to choose the summer clothes I would like my parent to ship to my home :)) I’m so lack of clothes tho. I think I found ice-creams that make me slow down to temptation of eating. They’re low fat ice cream and cheesecake strawberry ice cream of B&J’s. I don’t know, It might be because of my taste perhaps, but I don’t enjoy a lot when eating them so I eat a smaller amount of ice-cream than usual.

Thanks to watching information videos on YouTube about how you tubers earn money, I can easily explain to sis Chi when she suddenly asked me about that today :3 the feel is so great when you can say strongly about an academic thing to a person. Good thing to have more knowledge :3

Good night and love you all.

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