Jun 3, 2021

I used the group chat video to call my maternal relatives and parents at the same time, the adults were quite interested in finding the function :)) Why I don’t use it sooner. Because the covid situation in Vietnam is intensive so the partial lockdown enacts in “alarming” areas, include my district. So my parents cannot visit the relatives for a week, that’s why I decided to call in group :3

But Zalo has its limit, I can just see 3 screens of others, while Messenger can expand to maximum 8 ones, but my relatives don’t use Facebook much. As same as my mom’s colleagues, she intends to call them tomorrow :)))

A few. days before first exam, I’ll come back to my study now, see you guys! The legs and butt workout of Lilly hurts my hamstrings a lotttt.

Good night and love you all.

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