Jun 2, 2021

I stayed at home today to prepare for the exams, completed the portfolio for research. I called my parents for a while to update about their situation hmm and one of my ex-member sent a instagram filter that she designed by herself to me, awww so talent. I tried it right a way!

I posted a picture when I was really young, around 3-4 years old, wearing sunglasses on a beach with a “cool” face :)) And I also commented below the post to explain the origin why I had that pic, and the moment I commented about how much I was lucky at that time, every single event or trip of my young life was recorded and stored in albums. Hence, my memory is still there and I’m really grateful for the sacrifices of my parents that brought me up from a tiny girl to Annie now.

In the evening, I called my brother to re-record an appreciation video to my PR team for their support in the Career Fair. We failed a bit at the first time, so my brother want to redo that :))

After that, I watched Bombshell, a film about a seismic scandal in US News industry about sexual harassment of female hosts, reporters in Fox News. The end of the CEO is not satisfied me a lot, maybe I expected it too much, but I really like the last scene when the young reporter decided to leave the workplace. Go girl!

I think that issue will keep happening if there’s no strict regulations for that. I just hope woman can strong enough to protect themselves!

Love you all.

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