May 31, 2021

Last day of May of 2021 :3 I spent my day productively revising the lessons for the exams, because I will work 2 days this week.

I’m also coming to the 3rd week of 28 days fat burn workout program of. Lilly yayyyy. Until now, I can feel the effects on my body sculpts, it hurts tho :)) but worth.

The weather is turning to summer 90%, it’s hot, of course not as hot as in Vietnam, but we all feel the change. My partner for the Spanish oral test said summer came quite late this year, usually it starts in March. While, It is in the end of May, strange huh ?!! We had a longest snow period and the latest coming summer.

This is nearly a year of coming here, 3/4 of the 1st year journey passed. I don’t know what’s coming to me in the incoming year, just know to try my best and be myself.

Love you all.

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