May 29, 2021

I got my first salary for work yayyyyy. It’s a motivation for me to keep going! I had a so-so busy day at nail salon, had a quick call with my parents in the break time. Then I came back to work till 6pm.

And I know it’s gonna take more time for me to have a dream body like girls on private group of Lilly Sabri if I keep nurturing my love with ice-cream :)))))))))

I can’t resit its temptation, but I set a minimum goal for me to have a fit body is at least 1 year :3 so let’s see.

My friends called me to join in group studying with them :))) and they sonly regretted about that decision. Because I talked too much :))) I’m not a person born for “group studying”, I can just study on my own space, so yeah :)) Then we said good bye to let people in peace to learn.

And realised it’s quite late tho, my family will gather together to make round sticky rice cake tomorrow yayyyy so kept, I’m gonna call my parents to see.

Good night and love you all.

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