May 28, 2021

A day to meet my HAN4L Project in real life, which is quite nice, like I feel a bond between people in group. And today is sunny, totally opposite from the other days of a week.

Nice weather to go out, so I met my team, went to my sister room to borrow her adapter for Mac to move pictures from the DSRL camera to my laptop. Then I went home android the portfolio crai crai. I think I will start learning PR and English vocab tomorrow. I tried strawberry cheesecake ice cream of Haagendazs and almost finished a whole box :)))))))))))) OMG, you have to stop Annie.

And I called my parents, the covid is increasing in Vietnam, there are positive cases in my maternal grandma house, so the authority temporarily locked the area. One of my friend in Vietnam also texted me about that, so touching. Hope people will be all right!!!

Stay home and stay safe.

Love you all.

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