May 27, 2021

I listened to the podcast that interviewed Le Hong Lam, a well-known journalist, film researcher in Vietnam. He recommended the GQ Magazine in order to enrich the writing inspiration, vocabulary and the comprehensiveness. I read 2 articles and I felt it right, the articles are long but attractive and concise, inform readers quite adequately with the information. I set a goal to read 1 article per day besides listening podcast to enhance my knowledge and skills.

This week can be seen as the last week before we enter to exams so teachers teach a lot, they tried to utilise the time left to deliver all lessons. It was also because we have 1 week off before that, so yeah.

I decide to eat vegetarian till the end of the week :))) cause I bought too many vegetables and I bought more ice-cream boxes as well. Ah tomorrow I will go to HAN to join a cooking workshop :3 let’s seee, it’s held by HAN Vietnamese society so we’ll cook Vietnamese speciality yayyy.

Also have an offline meeting with HAN team of a HAN4L project, hope everything go well.

Good night and love you all.

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