May 23, 2021

Because of being exhausted after a long day, I slept from 1.30am till 10.30am, the feeling was so satisfied ;)))

I believed I succeeded in calling the “enthusiastic vibe” when I was a real first year student in Vietnam in order to cheer up my mood with the school project. And we had a productive meeting about what we should do in the next weeks to call for sponsors. Besides, when reading the documents about the impact of the project, I truly admire and love what they can support for the children in desert of Morocco, so I determined that I have to do something!

Mom wore my clothe yesterday haha, It fits and both mom and dad wore in blue color code, which quite matched with my home :))) my family loves blue a lot, I believe. Yesterday was a birthday party of my niece, my relatives named their kids pen name based on “fruits”, we have jackfruit, strawberry and avocado :)) sometimes I can’t call the face of that kid immediately when hearing their nick name lol.

Close my day via reading pages of the book, it has an unspoken temptation to make me keep flip page by page, I have to force my self to stop :)) otherwise, I won’t have health for tomorrow.

That’s the “sexy” of books :3

Love you all.

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