May 21, 2021

I had a high quality consultant with 2 mentors in the Career Fair event, although the time is limited cause we have other attendees, my mentors knew to utilise the time and delivered the short but neat meeting; which gave me lots of insightful and precious advices for my future.

Lately, I tried 2 boxes of Ben&Jerry’s ice cream, one is vegan, one isn’t. I think after tasting the non-vegan type, I can feel the sugarless in the vegan :))) Because the first B&J type I tried when I came here was fudge brownie vegan, so I thought the ice cream here has this kind of flavor, turned out I was lacked of experiences.

Ah, I said to my boss in the consultant company that I won’t work with them, cause I think I need to equip myself more skills. Later on, I can help him more with developing his business. And I will feel the salary I receive is more worth.

I hesitated a lot, if I quit the job, I won’t have money to build herb medicines for my parents in Vietnam, but I think I will find ways to figure out! And today, I also find out the motivation for the project at school, to become a freshman that always curious about the school, join everything! That vibe could help me adapt with the team, hopefully.

Good night and love you all.

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