May 20, 2021

Let’s see, it’s the first day of the series event I’m in charge of PR part. Overall, I could see positive reactions and feedback from people, so It’s a good signal for other days :3 actually the 4 companies are pretty great, ethical vision and mission. I especially admire one company that found by a Vietnamese men, who want to bring Vietnamese agricultural products to the international market!

The butt and leg workout of Lilly is harsh as always :))) but I think It works, if I’m patient and follow the calorie deficit diet consistently!

After seeing my friends performed well in the Spanish class, I set a goal for me to start studying the vocab this weekend. I’ll ask for helps from my brother, but I think I can do it! Let’s go Annie, cause I need time to prepare for other subjects as well.

Exam time is cominggggg.

Love you all.

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