May 18, 2021

1 day left to the official day of the event I’m im charge of PR part, yayyyy. Mom took some coconut people left at the meeting to make the coconut jam :3 I went to HAN today cause I have a photography workshop, so I waited till mom finished her class in Vietnam and called her before the workshop. It’s lovely and peaceful moments when seeding mom and dad daily, It gave me feelings like I’m still at home.

Have you heard about audio ads? An old and new way for telling your brand’s story to customers. I also knew people can get and remember the information from audio easier than 35% than from visual, great huh? Recently, I also like to listening podcast more than music, to get more information and do other things at the same time.

I started to read Norwegian wood, another masterpiece of Haruki Murakami. My friend also said it has a creepy unique charateristic in the book as well. Let’s read and see. It’s good to have a book to read :3

Love you all.

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