May 16, 2021

I forgot to tell you yesterday, when I called my parents in the nail salon, sis Hang thought I was talking with friends😂, cause the way and words I used are so freely. I don’t know, but since the day I went abroad, my family has been closed more and open-minded. We talk like friends with each other, and I feel more confidently to say I love you with them :3

Ah today, I got a memorable accident, I would never forget it :)) I left my house key at home, and went out for a while because I thought sis Chi was still there, but it wasn’t haha. So hopeless :))) Luckily, I gor friends in Helix that hosted me for a few hours.

I finished the Lord of the rings, such a masterpiece, in the period it was on-air. I have to admit that the technique is so great although it’s a beginning of 21st century. I’m not quite satisfied with the end, like, I expected more. But maybe open ending is a good choice for a fantasy movie like that. You should watch it, won’t regret for sure! And they are also one of the most longest film I have seen. So longgg, the part 3 lasts more than 3 hours OMG.

That’s the end of another week :3 tomorrow I’ll have a pitching for a project, let’s fight!

Good night and love you all.

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