May 14, 2021

The covid situation in Vietnam isn’t good so the school year is ended early. But the classes are moved to online to finish the remaining periods of the year. Whilst, academic year of universities are still there, so people have to study online.

I’ve just watched the lord of the rings, so so dramatic and imposing. Can’t imagine that the film was shown at 2001, so It would be made before that, the film industry of US is enormous and greater than I thought. I’ll finish the series and if I have chances, I will find for the books!

Another off day, and I finished with the Lilly’s fat loss program, yayyy, I washed the mat to protect my health as well. Remember to clean all stuff, usually I do that after completing 1 program, or 2 weeks, if that program is longer than 14 days. I can feel a sweat transformation in my body so I motivate myself to keep attempting! At least after 1 year, I can proudly post 1 picture on the Facebook group of Lilly and share my progress with other women.

Find your goal to make your day purposeful

Good night and love you all.

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