May 13, 2021

There’re some moments that I really want to cry in front of my parents when video calling with them and said I love them so much. But I reminded myself that I need to be strong, and it wouldn’t make my family feels worried. Haizzz, so complicated.

There were so many sunlights when I went out, I tended to collect some survey responses but after half an hour, I was headache a bit and dizzy, I think I’m not comfortable with the change of weather. So yeah, I returned home, to work out and take a nap.

After the exercise I felt better a lot, then I prepared dinner to charge more battery for the group meeting. We ended sharply 1 hour after 8pm yayyy, quite productive to be honest and people all contributed to the group work. Sometimes, the online class separates people but if we can conquer it, somehow everything will be alright!

I know that the pandemic is still out there but you can protect yourself and others via self-disciplined awareness, caring for others is caring yourself.

Good night and love you all.

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