May 12, 2021

I found out the way to predict or direct someone life based on date of birth and their name, which is called numerology. It is introduced by a well-known MC of Vietnam – Ms. Quynh Huong. She was inspired coincidently and it lead her to The complete book of Numerology of David Philips. It gives us explanations about how our characteristics are shaped and how name can help us strengthen or decrease the born features of us.

Ah, hmm when doing the numerology, I asked mom about her age to confirm, and It was so empty that I realised my parents nearly go through half of a century. I’m too carefree to notice about that, which mean I have less time to compensate for what they sacrificed to me, so I need to put more efforts in studying!

Tomorrow and Friday are holiday in The Netherlands so students of HAN are off, I tend to go to the city central to collect more responses for the survey! Let’s go Annie.

Yeah that’s my plan, I’ll complete the proposal for the project at school, presentation for next week and survey for research :3

Wish me luck guys! And appreciate every single moment you’re with your family members.

Good night and love you all.

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