May 9, 2021

I planned to wake up early to call my family, cause It’s the death anniversary of my parental grandma, so most of my relatives will be there. But I can resist the temptation of sleeping, so I slept in till 8am.

When I called, the party was over :)) but people were still there, to catch up with each other about life, so I could still see them :3 so lovely.

In the evening, there was a small party at home, cause we had 1 table left from the party. One of my sister cousin has a boyfriend, so she took him to greet the family. It was sooo kewt haha, I believe he definitely felt lots of pressure, when being surrounding my relatives :))) but in my eyes, It’s a lovely tradition of my family members, so you could feel safe whenever you are.

I also showed the picture I was taken in the tulip fields to them :3 they said I looked quite different, maybe because my hair is longer, and the beautiful light of the sun as well :3

My mom kept saying I’ll be back Vietnam 4 years later oh no :)) maybe not, I think I’m going to return in summer of 2022. Then coming back to Netherlands to finish the remaining years, perhaps continuing with Master degree. I still nurture that ambition.

Life is meaningful when you have goal, which have not been achieved right?

Love you all.

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