Cacao cake with whipped cream

Hiii, I comeback with a new sweet dish :3 I made this unexpectedly when going to my friend’s home. After 3 times of baking the cake unsuccessfully, I’m scared of doing this cake. But I nailed it today yay :3 So I would like to share with you guys to do it at home. This is for 4-6 people.


125 gram cake powder from Koop Mans

4 eggs

62,5 gram butter

A little pinch of salt

10 gram cacao powder

20-15 ml unsweetened milk

50 ml whipping cream


Separate the egg yolk and egg white of 2 eggs, use the machine or by hands to whip the white.

Smash the butter then put eggs, salt, milk and sieve the cake powder to a bowl as well.

After the mixture is completed, pour the whipped egg and cacao powder white to it, stir gentlely.

Heat the oven beforehand, whilst preparing a cold that applied a thin layer of butter around, pour the mixture to the cake mold.

Set the temperature at 160 Celsius degree and wait around 45 mins.

For the cream, put a little amount of salt to the whipping cream then whip them all. Be careful in order not to be dehydrated.

Yayyy, then you can cut the cake to a half and put the cream into the middle, you can have a cake like my picture :3

Good luck and love you all.

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